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Anthony J. Resta is a Composer/Producer/ Multi-Instrumentalist based in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles. He is renowned for embracing both modern and vintage methods in creating vast and unique soundscapes. Gold and Multi-Platinum awards for soundtrack work include the films Twilight , Scream 2, Scream 3 and Varsity Blues. Other highlights include producer of the year HMMA (2015 Hollywood music and media award), a score for Elton John’s “Border Song” with the Atlanta Symphony featuring Elton John, and scoring of Cuban percussion for Ken Burns’ Unforgettable Fire. Anthony has worked extensively with musicians in Hans Zimmer’s camp including “Game of Thrones” solo cellist Cameron Stone II.


Your passion for experimentation is quite prominent even amongst the highest calibre collaborators you've worked with. How important do you think it is to get out of your comfort zone to achieve great results? 

AJR: I have always been inspired by artists pushing boundaries. As a youth i was fascinated by Frank Zappa and Bartok, prog bands like Yes, King Crimson, and of course the Beatles’ sonic adventures. I do purposely avoid generic music and with passion.  at all costs possibly even;) I think there are ways to be accessible and adventurous simultaneously.


You have recorded, mixed and composed with names such as Duran Duran, Collective Soul, Sir Elton John, Megadeath and many more. How do you switch gears between projects and where do you look for inspiration?

AJR: Since moving to La six years ago its gotten even crazier in diversity. Im doing more scoring and composing/ sound design for film and TV. Throwing convention aside seems to be in vogue these days even in pop music. Look at Billie Eilish for instance. She doesn’t fit any mold but is a fast rising star. I've had several peers ask me if i worked with her because of our similar approaches to work.

Looking at your credits, it's evident that you have worn many hats. How did you learn such a wide variety of instruments and production tools?

AJR: I studied piano and flute as a kid then started banging on guitars about 15 years ago. Guitar is now my favourite oscillator. My floor has become  a modular synth for guitar. I love making sounds that don't sound like either guitar or synthesizers. I've long involved stereo signal paths to two different amps via tape echos etc. One note can become a hundred different things in the span of five minutes. It's endless and it thrills me daily. 


Your career has spanned over 100 studio albums, motion picture soundtracks, and several gold and platinum awards. What helped you navigate towards this sort of success?

AJR: I quit my last day job in 1987. I would have never dreamed that I would be doing this for decades. My modus operandi has always been to find the deepest passion an artist has for something, something they have not dared to even dream about creating themselves. When you transport them to that magical place they come back. I make it about THEIR creative journey THROUGH me to a higher place, both sonically and musically, and this feeds back to me.

We have a 97 percent repeat client rate since 1994. Many clients have been with us 10, 15 even 20+ years. It's also important to add that Karyadi Sutedja, our mix engineer of 22 years, is a Huge part of the success . He elevates EVERYTHING he touches. 


What was the last piece of music that you heard that you think everyone reading this should hear?

AJR: I would recommend checking out 'When I Was Older' by Billie Eilish.


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