Solo Vocal Textures
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Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary vocals with this vast collection of evolving and percussive vocal textures, inspired by mythological Sirens. The library is performed by virtuoso soprano, Grace Davidson, who is known for her work on over 200 film soundtracks, and her collaborations with legendary composers such as Max Richter and Eric Whitacre.

Built for the FULL Kontakt version, this library has a wonderfully compelling and intimate sound which is perfect for capturing a modern cinematic sound world. It features a shallow and depth slider which allows you to transform and twist the performance into a whole new dimension. Our custom user interface was carefully designed to be both intuitive and inspiring, allowing you to warp and shape your sound with filters, reverbs, distortion and much more.


  • Instrument
  • Soprano Vocal
  • Product Range
  • Sonixinema
  • Microphone Positions
  • Close, Far, Mix
  • Presets
  • 115
  • File Size
  • 2.9 GB
  • Kontakt Version
  • 6.8+
  • File Format
  • NKI

Official Trailer

Introducing SIRENS, a unique sample library featuring a collection of contemporary solo vocal textures and articulations performed by virtuoso soprano, Grace Davidson. Made for FULL Kontakt version.

Library Walkthrough

Take a look at our walkthrough video, where we will take a deep dive into the library and all of the fantastic sounds that we captured. We will also cover the interface controls, and how you can create your own patches!

Contextual Demo

Check out Stefano's contextual demo where takes us through a track that he wrote using SIRENS and a range of other Sonixinema libraries.

Free Patch!

Check out Stefano's demo of the SIRENS freebie where he takes us through the patch and snapshots included.
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