Brute Flute

Contrabass Flute: Wonderful Legato and Expressive Extended Techniques
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A first in cinematic sampling, Brute Flute is a Contrabass Flute library like no other. Recorded in exceptional detail and capturing a range of cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments, explosive articulations and an expressive true legato, this wonderful library features a highly unique and inspiring set of sounds. This library was performed by renowned flautist Gareth Mclearnon, who is known for his virtuosic performances across blockbusters such as Alien Covenant, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mary Magdalene and many more. The library was recorded on a dry scoring stage in the heart of London, using some of the best microphones to capture every nuance of Gareth's captivating performances.

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  • Instrument
  • Contrabass Flute
  • Product Range
  • Explorations
  • Microphone Positions
  • Close Mono, Close Stereo, Mid, Far, Mix
  • Presets
  • 50
  • File Size
  • 3.24 GB Uncompressed
  • Kontakt Version
  • Free Kontakt Player
  • File Format
  • VST

Official Trailer

Introducing Brute Flute, a wonderfully detailed contrabass flute sample library featuring a range of cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments, explosive articulations and true legato. Made for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Legato Walkthrough

Take a look at our walkthrough video, where we will take a deep dive into the legato portion of the library and the fantastic sound that we captured. We will also cover the interface controls, and how you can create your own patches!

Extended Techniques Walkthrough

Check out our second walkthrough video, where we will have a listen to some of the incredible effects and extended articulations that we captured. This is where the library really comes to life and features some never before sampled techniques.

Technical Overview

Want a crash course on how to use our interface? Watch this video to learn all the tips and tricks needed to get the most out of your new sample library. If you'd rather read our user manual, click the link below!

Contextual Demo

Check out this contextual demo where Stefano takes us through a track he wrote with Superball and other Sonixinema Instruments!
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