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Small Instruments - Big Sound
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Users refer to this collection as the most unique set of small but powerful instruments, with heaps of punch, unique textures and vast variety of sonic goodness. This bundle includes all currently available Community Series instruments, such as MONSTA – a humongous 104 oscillator modular synthesizer dedicated only to give you the best and most powerful Supersaw synthesizer, Clariloops - a wonderful set of nostalgic clarinet textures, performed via loop pedals, Electric Organ - a dusty electric chord organ processed via old tape and cassettes, etc! All designed to deliver a certain quality of sound in a condensed and focused package and at an affordable price.


The Community is a unique initiative designed to give sound makers across the globe a platform to sell their samples. The idea is simple - for every library sold, the creator will receive a percentage of the sale, to help to support them on their musical journey. So you will be directly supporting the artists. An initiative that is open to everyone that has an idea, and would like it to make their instrument a reality. If you're one of them, reach out!


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  • Instrument
  • Bundle (for detailed specs check each individual instrument)
  • Product Range
  • The Community
  • Microphone Positions
  • Variation between Direct Signal and Multiple Microphones
  • Presets
  • See individual instruments.
  • File Size
  • 6 GB NCW from 3.2 GB NCW
  • Kontakt Version
  • The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 +
  • File Format
  • VST


Introducing ELECTRIC ORGAN - featuring a dusty electric chord organ sampled by artist Dogsbody Sounds, and processed via old tape and cassettes. Made for the full version of Kontakt.


Introducing CLARILOOPS - featuring a set of nostalgic clarinet textures, loops and one shots created by artist, Ruby Lulham. Made for the full version of Kontakt.


Introducing MONSTA, featuring an earth shattering 104 oscillating super saws sampled by composer Lester Barnes, on one of Europes largest modular racks. Made for the full version of Kontakt.
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